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Photoshop = Plastic surgery for poor people


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And of course, there is no task more unpleasant than getting rid of an unwanted guest.

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Anyway, any way, anyways

I was watching “The Big Bang Theory” yesterday and I heard Penny say “anyways”. Sounded weird. I’m not saying my English is perfect. But… well 🙂  I remember when I was 9 the teacher would pull our ears when we made this mistake

You will hear “anyways” in hindi movies and serials. Indians also say “anyways” instead of “anyway” (pronouncing “w” as “v” LOL) during conversations/chats, in writing too.

I did some online research this morning and


“Anyway” is an adverb, and it means regardless or in any event.

“Any way” is a paired adjective and noun meaning any particular course, direction, or manner.

Then we have “anyways,” a colloquial corruption of “anyway.” It’s universally considered nonstandard and should be avoided altogether. It might help to remember that “anyway” is an adverb, and adverbs can’t be plural.

As indicated in one of the comments to the article at the above link:

“Anyways” might be a US dialect word but it is impolite for public usage.

It’s good to be right! Hehehehe

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My passions… in my own words

My passions. Anyone who knows me knows about my passions – or at least a few of ’em.

They range from crime & courts, murder stories/movies, plants/flowers/nature and gardening to books (again books relating to murder stories, crime & courts) and my dog. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to talk about other things. You might indeed be surprised.

Anyway, here is the home page of this blog. I hope to be able to write regularly and passionately. I would of course love to hear what you have to say about my posts; I therefore invite you to send your comments here and your pictures by email. You can write in English, French or Creole.

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