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Yellow Flowers

Beautiful yellow flowers

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Pennisetum glaucum and purpureum

Pennisetum glaucum and purpureum are basically weedy grasses. At the right place, mixed with other ornamental plants, they become more than attractive plants. Probably originating in Africa, in a diffuse belt stretching from western Sudan to Senegal, and domesticated some 4,000 years ago in this region.

This species is adapted to a range of soil types, but is best on sandy or light loam soils.

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Caesalpinia pulcherrima or peacock flower

Caesalpinia pulcherrima is a well-known plant in Mauritius. It is also known as the peacock flower because of its shape.

This ornamental plant does not require great care. Regular watering, pruning, it is a fast growing plant.

I have seen the orange+yellow here, but never the white+yellow one. The pictures of this particular variety found on the internet are amazing. I hope to get to see the white+yellow one for real someday.

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Winter in Mauritius

Mauritius has a tropical climate. There are only two seasons here – summer and winter. Summer is from November to April and winter is from May to October.

Walking through crunchy leaves which are turning into glorious shades of red and gold – isnt’t it spirit-lifting? I believe it’s due partly to the fabulous shades of the leaves. All the colours of winter (autumn, or fall) are warm, cheerful tones, and they help lift depression and cheer one up.

These colours bring to mind lots of images – the flames in a real log fire, thoughts of warmer weather and peaches and cream. Many subtle blends of these colourings work well together and they can be amongst the prettiest of flower arrangements.

The range of flowers, fresh and otherwise, available in these peachy tones is maybe not quite as large as that of other shades, such as pink or yellow, however there exists loads from which to choose. A vase contaning nothing but leaves, in various shades of red, gold and green, would look wonderful, the only disadvantage being the speed with which they sometimes drop. Glycerined leaves are very pretty as well, especially beech leaves, which turn a marvellous coppery colour. Berries, leaves and other seasonal offerings can make a splendid collection in a casual setting.

So, next winter, don’t forget to collect the pretty leaves and make a beautiful arrangement.

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Impact of flowers

If there is one thing that has a great impact on  us it’s definitely flowers. Yes, Flowers. Don’t we all love flowers? The easiest way to cheer up a grey day is by buying a bunch of flowers. You think your house is dull? Why not cheer it up with a beautiful flower arrangement? Flowers inside a house is like bringing the garden inside – which is an old tradition playing a very very important role in home decoration.

Even if almost any mix or combination of flowers is just lovely, may it be wild or from the garden, the impact which this has can be even greater if these flowers are chosen in a careful way based on their colour and shape and style.

It is obvious that growing flowers in the garden, if you do have one, is a cheap way of obtaining flowers for your home. However, fresh flowers are readily available today, they are sold almost everywhere.

Silk flowers, dried flowers are bought easily from department stores and shops, not to forget the florists’.

I personally don’t like wild flowers in the house. Oh, I do love them. They are so, so, so beautiful. They should be enjoyed  when we visit the countryside. This is their place, this is where they look best. Let us just leave them there for the next flower lover to enjoy.

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